How To Create An App For Android With "App Dev Empire"

Designing an application for the Android platform may be stress-free, but making sure that it can strive with other well-known apps (ex. Angry Birds) can be quite a cumbrous task. App Dev Empire is a product that claims to give this lifetime opportunity to show the world your potential and to create an app for Android. Aimed at starters who have never heard about this, App Dev Empire is a swift/crash course where a person would not be required to go through extensive case studies or notes. All they need to do is acquire this product and be on their way to making more money through the apps they design.

how to create an app for android

This course is separated into twelve instructions that can guide the user towards making an app for Android in the best possible fashion. It claims to work fast in order to make fully, well-designed games work successfully. The first lesson will help brush up the programming skills and even unskillful programmers would be able to reap profit from it. In this lesson, a person needs to download a development environment and install on the private computer. Here, they will be able to find tools that will come in handy in helping them navigate through the whole method with ease. There are videos too that will help users get a better idea of what the crash course is actually talking about.

Following will be the formation of an interface on which you will be able to program and develop the game. On this interface you will be able to come up with a game referred to as Scroll Shooter from which you will be able to get an idea of how the entire game design and development process goes about. This feature is very helpful since it helps the user to get a practical example of what he is going to do. It will be preceded more by presenting ways to connect actions and ways to scroll the background and add any other kinds of features. Here, the basics of the games can be learnt by participants as they develop the game.

The next lesson deals with the other essential part of the particular course. It will guide a person through the ways to get more downloads for their apps. This is where they get to create the main character of the game whose actions will be determined by way they want him to behave all through the game depending on the various obstacles as within the game including the controls as programmed. You may opt for animations during this phase of the games development.

Users will learn how to program the instructions to guide each player to guarantee that they like the application. It also guides through adding music, pictures or other animations necessary. Once all this is done, the last stage contains lessons to transfer the game to the marketplace and ways to sell it. Using App Dev Empire, you can be sure that your game is eye-catching enough for the market. The presentation is quite good, with easy and interesting videos and will not leave you to sell the product yourself.

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